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Melitta® Cafina® Aroma System

Elevate your beverage menu with the Melitta® Cafina® XT Aroma System. Effortlessly infuse up to five flavors into your drinks, ensuring precise, recipe-perfect dispensing every time. Embrace variety with ease, and enjoy a seamless, automated cleaning process. Discover boundless beverage creativity at the touch of a button.

Melitta® Cafina® Aroma System

Expand your beverage variety at the touch of a button

Combining made easy: with a width of just 18 centimetres, the Aroma System fits elegantly on the right-hand side of your fully automatic machine. Five syrup bottles can be held securely in the pull-out bottle holder. A gas pressure spring raises the carrier pump module and creates space to connect your favourite flavours with ease. There is one hose for each bottle, each weighted down with a small cylinder that also serves as a bottle stopper. Each hose has its own hose pump and runs inside the fully automatic machine as a unmixed line right to the end of the central dispenser. Coffee, milk, milk foam, hot water, cocoa and up to five flavours flow in their own lines separately from one another into the vessel placed beneath. For lots of delicious ideas for mixing at the touch of a button.

Variety at the touch of a button

Melitta® Cafina® Aroma System overview

Technical specifications

Dimensions 180 mm / 580 mm / 580 mm (W / D / H)
Bottle capacity 5 bottles
Bottle size max. diameter 86 mm
Bottle Height < 330 mm
Output up to 2,5 ml/s
Can be used with XT5, XT6, XT7, XT8 (can only be used with a
new machine)


  • Operated via screen on Machine
  • Clean in Place (CIP®)
  • Dispensed via central outlet
  • Suitable for self-service
  • Up to 5 flavours at the touch of a button
  • Housing always lockable




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