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High-quality coffee beans meet high-end fully automatic machines for perfect coffee enjoyment. Melitta Professional has been cooperating with Coffee Commune in Shanghai since 2022. The company specializes in the entire coffee process from bean to cup. Coffee Commune's mission is to help coffee farmers in Yunnan produce high-quality coffees that are recognized on the world market and also in China itself.

As part of the partnership, coffee master classes have been held since September 2022, covering a variety of topics and providing coffee professionals with information and knowledge from the industry. The course is open to baristas, roasters, coffee shop operators and other experts from different areas of the coffee industry. During this course, the Melitta Cafina XT8, among other machines, will be used.

“With Melitta Professional, we have so many ways to adjust and with ACS, as a function, we just get one cup after the other the same quality of coffee on a level, that we are actually used to from our semi-automatics.”

The kick-off of the course was a complete success!

"The XT8 has amazing things to offer," reports Coffee Commune Founder Eric Baden. "With the machine here in the store, the team can always evolve and internalize the know-how of the high-end fully automatic machine to make the most of all the features." According to Baden, what makes the XT8 special, are all the technical details that went into its development to reliably prepare coffees at the touch of a button with the kind of quality that a barista at his best can offer with a lot of manual work on the portafilter.

By consistently delivering the best quality in the cup, Coffee Commune reaches discerning customers looking for the premium enjoyment of a specialty coffee.

Cost efficiency and quality in harmony

However, Coffee Commune's ambition is not only to offer good coffee in its own café, but also to be able to equip other cafés with high quality, as well as to reach other sectors such as hotels, restaurants and work & office in the market. The different requirements of the various industries poses the hurdle of balancing cost efficiency and quality to meet the needs of each market individually. In Collaboration with Melitta Professional, Coffee Commune is able to develop solutions that fit each of these industries. So, in addition to Yunnan Farmer coffee beans, a coffee machine and the associated technical service of Melitta Professional can be offered, that matches the high quality of the beans, produces a premium overall result, and ultimately offers what the customer is looking for in terms of a comprehensive experience.

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Find out what the Melitta® Cafina® XT8 can do for your business.

Melitta® Cafina® XT8

The best of the XT series comes together in one machine: High performance - and that in terms of taste, variety, quantity, speed and convenience. Delight your guests and enjoy the moment!

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Particularly homogeneous ground material

Comparatively large grinding discs (75 millimetres) made of durable tool steel with a specially ground profile without screw points produce a particularly homogeneous ground product for optimum extraction.

ACS®: Automatic for consistent top quality

Consistently high coffee quality: ACS® (Automatic Coffeequality System) monitors the grinding and brewing process parameters and automatically adjusts if there are any deviations.

VPS®: Variable contact pressure

The variably adjustable and exactly reproducible pressing pressure of the piston (VPS®, Variable Pressure System) ensures constant extraction at all times.

Melitta® TopFoam milk system

The Melitta® TopFoam milk system provides cold or hot milk foam in three different consistencies. Depending on the recipe stored, several variants of TopFoam heated without steam and other types of milk foam produced with steam can also be combined in one drink.

„What matters most to us here is fast coffee enjoyment combined with quality. We are very satisfied with the cooperation with Melitta Professional“

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