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Gastrotel - Coffee experiences live

With the kind permission of the trade magazine gastrotel, read the exciting interview with Steffi Heidemann, Training Manager at Melitta Professional and international judge of the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA).

‘A good cup of coffee should be balanced’ 

In the ‘Home of Coffee Lovers’ at Intergastra and Internorga, she brought the diversity of coffee to life at the trade fair: barista Stefanie Heidemann. Now she shared her knowledge with gastrotel. The questions were asked by Yvonne Ludwig-Alfers


chefs! - Coffee break with Stefanie Heidemann

With the kind permission of the trade magazine chefs!, you can read the exciting interview with Steffi Heidemann, Training Manager at Melitta Professional and international judge of the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA), here.

She talks about coffee qualities, perfect beans, the differences between semi-automatic and fully automatic machines and which trends in the coffee business the catering industry should not miss out on.

There are more exciting interviews and topics in the special female edition of the chefs! Magazine from March 2024.


Robin Franke - Machines of tomorrow

With the kind permission of Meininger Verlag, here is an excerpt from the article "Machines of tomorrow" from the German trade magazine Barista, February 2024.

Coffee machines, both espresso portafilter machines and fully automatic machines, are rapidly developing into technical prodigies that are increasingly automated and perfect coffee preparation. Hybrid models are also closing the gap between the "two worlds". We asked some of the market's most important protagonists: How will the world of coffee machines develop over the next few years? What technical features are still conceivable and how will they change professional work with coffee in the catering industry?

Two questions about the future of coffee machines for Robin Franke, Chief Product & Solutions Officer.


Concentrated coffee expertise - Interview in gastrotel

Good coffee service for the guest does not work without
good coffee machine service for the restaurateur

At this year's Internorga, Melitta Professional presented not only its diverse portfolio of coffee and coffee machines, but also the benefits and innovations of its in-house customer service. Here, the company has put together advantageous service packages. What the service
Sören Müller, national service manager at Melitta Professional, explains in an interview.
The questions were asked by Yvonne Ludwig-Alfers, gastrotel


Melitta Bentz: 150 years - Inventor's Heart

Melitta Bentz would have been 150 years old on 31 January 2023. She invented the coffee filter in 1908 laying the foundations for today’s Melitta Group. But what kind of person was Melitta Bentz? What made her special?


Wow! We have the German Brand Award

Since the award ceremony on 9 June, it's official: Melitta Professional has received the German Brand Award 2022 for outstanding brand management. The German Design Council nominated and awarded our new brand identity in the category "Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation".


Finally show time again

Melitta Professional to showcase innovations and fully-integrated expertise for coffee, coffee machines, digital solutions, and technical service

Minden/Hamburg. With its stronger profile as a provider of end-to-end solutions and with new products, Melitta Professional will be showcasing its portfolio at the Internorga trade show in Hamburg. “It’s show time again at last. We can’t wait to meet our partners and potential clients in person and will be bringing some exciting topics and products with us to Hamburg,” says Managing Director Marco Gottschalk, in anticipation of the event.


We have partnered with the Elbphilharmonie

Melitta Professional is the new coffee partner at the Elbphilharmonie and Laeiszhalle concert halls in Hamburg. “We are delighted with this new partnership. The Laeiszhalle and Elbphilharmonie are like beacons shining out across Hamburg and far beyond Hamburg,” comments Marco Gottschalk, Managing Director of Melitta Professional, adding: “Our cooperation with the catering operators has got off to an excellent start. We will be strengthening this together over time so our partner can make the most of their business.”


Self-service on users’ smartphones

Hygiene already played a central role in the catering trade well before 2020. Thanks to fully automatic cleaning, Clean in Place (CIP®), and an easy-care housing, the fully automatic coffee machines in the XT and CT series from Melitta Professional offer the best conditions for hygiene safety. Another advantage is offered by MELITTA® REMOTE COFFEE® – contactless self-service next to the machine by smartphone or tablet.


Freshly ground and freshly brewed

Filter coffee from whole beans / Depending on requirements: up to 500 cups per hour Serving freshly brewed coffee to go: something even allowed during the pandemic. Outdoor enjoyment is in, and coffee to go is more attractive than ever. Filter coffee is at its best when the quality is right. Melitta Professional now makes it possible to quickly brew coffee from freshly ground whole beans.


Tea water dispensed at exactly the right temperature

Perfect for Earl Grey, Rooibos Lime Ginger, Gourmet Herbal Tea or Blood Orange Organic, but clearly too hot for Green Manjolai and Japan Sencha: the boiling point is not the right brewing temperature for every tea variety. Green tea flavors develop best between 60 and 80 degrees, depending on blend and personal taste. Melitta Professional has therefore developed its new hot water dispensers Melitta® Cafina® XT HW6 and HW9 for convenient, temperature-accurate preparation of an attractive range of teas for the out-of-home market. Six or nine liters of water can be stored and set to the desired temperature between 50 and 98 degrees using the touchscreen display.


Restart with the convenience of a touchscreen

The Melitta® Cafina® XT4 can be relied on to easily produce barista quality in the cup. Now the entry-level model from the XT series also offers digital user-friendliness. The 7.0” TFT colour screen on the new XT4 replaces the former graphic display and push button keypad.


Velvety smooth texture

Indulge and do a good deed: the new Melitta® Mondo Blu Fairtrade coffee range now complements the certified organic and Fairtrade Melitta® La Tazza Verde® coffee range. The Mondo Blu Espresso, Café Crème and Roasted Coffee varieties each have equal amounts of the finest Coffea Arabica and Coffea Canephora (Robusta) beans.


Keeping an eye on coffee businesses online

Melitta® INSIGHTS offers coffee machine operators central access to the digital world of their coffee machines. The online platform enables detailed analysis of the production of individual beverages or aggregated product groups and supports the specific compilation of all the necessary information about the coffee business during day to day operations. It is easy to benchmark any locations, even internationally, intuitively in just a few steps. Managers can keep an eye on sales figures and dispensing times right down to each individual beverage. Up-to-date key information on the operating status of the machines is displayed meaningfully, for example showing in good time when beans, cocoa or milk will need refilling, giving cleaning information and indicating when the coffee grounds container needs emptying. Melitta INSIGHTS therefore offers comprehensive operational and strategic advantages for operators.