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You can only produce the perfect coffee with a good grinder! Cafina® coffee grinders for the catering sector are ideal for use with traditional Cafina® portafilter machines. Conjure up freshly ground coffee at the touch of a button - always top quality.

Freshly ground please!

Here are your three powerful helpers!

Cafina® coffee grinders for the catering sector will impress you with their user-friendliness, flexibility, clarity and robust workmanship with high-quality materials. For a long life for your coffee grinder - and many years of excellent coffee sales for you.

Our grinders at a glance

Dimensions (W x D x H)

Grinding discs

Grinding performance


Grinder rotations
E8 22 x 40 x 64 cm Ø 83 mm 4,3 g/s 1,7 kg 1.350/min
E6 22 x 40 x 64 cm Ø 64 mm 3,2 g/s 1,7 kg 1.350/min
RM60 22 x 27 x 62 cm Ø 64 mm 1,6 g/s 1,5 kg 1.350/min

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