Speed - On stage
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Starlight Express, Germany


Full service for coffee enjoyment
at the Starlight Express Theater

Speed is no witchcraft in the Starlight Express Theater, which was built especially for the fast-paced show. At the world championship of locomotives, the audience feels the wind of travel when Greaseball, Electra, Ruhrgold or Espresso speed right past them at up to 60 kilometers per hour. Speed is also of the essence during the break, because the service team has to fulfill all the guests' wishes within 25 minutes. Four fully automatic coffee machines and two coffee varieties provide reliable relief and fast coffee enjoyment.

The Story: The Night of the World Championship

In a little boy's dream, his toy train comes to life: trains arrive at the station from far away - it's the night of the World Locomotive Championship. The young steam locomotive Rusty seems to have no chance against its modern challengers. But then it appears, the legendary "Starlight Express", like a glowing tail in the sky. Rusty learns what really matters in life: believing in himself. He enters the finale with new courage. And Pearl, the first-class coach, begins to understand who her true love is.

"The concept fits the demanding conditions perfectly," comments Katrin Fechner. "Explicit praise also goes to our contact person, who just recently supported us here again in a class way."

Fast service in the foyer

"The challenge for us is to fulfill all requests during the 25-minute show break," reports Katrin Fechner, who is responsible for events at the Starlight Express Theater. Up to 1,500 guests per show are served in the foyer at two large counters, each with five cash register systems, by five employees. In addition to hot and cold drinks, pretzels and freshly baked waffles are also on offer.

Coffee enjoyment plays an important role, especially during the afternoon performances on weekends. "Points can be scored here for coffee variety in top quality, prepared quickly and reliably at the touch of a button," knows our colleague Heike Paske, contact person on site in Bochum. The system solution for the Starlight Express Theater: Four fully automatic Melitta® Cafina® XT4 machines with milk coolers and cup warmers are used in the foyer. There is a choice of six coffee specialties, freshly ground Monte d'Argento Café Crème beans and Bacio Nero espresso beans. Cappuccino, latte macchiato and latte are prepared with fresh milk. When it comes to tableware, the M cup series comes into its own.

Musical of records

Andrew Lloyd Webber's masterpiece has been thrilling audiences in Bochum since 1988. With its 18 millionth guest, the roller skating musical of records set another milestone in its success story on October 27, 2022, after a good 34 years of performances.
The success of Starlight Express is also the result of continuous development. EUR 4.5 million was invested by Mehr-BB Entertainment in 2018 in the new version of the musical. We are a coffee enjoyment partner of Mehr-BB Entertainment and also support the Mehr Theater in Hamburg (Harry Potter) and the Musical Dome in Cologne (Moulin Rouge! The Musical) with customized solutions. Big advantage in all cases: The musical theaters get coffee machines, coffee and technical customer service reliably and perfectly coordinated from a single source.

The specialty coffee race

And who will win the specialty coffee race at the Express Theater? Katrin Fechner takes stock of the 37 shows in July 2022, showing that the espresso at the bar shows solidarity with its namesake on stage, the Rome-Milan Express Espresso, and generously gives way to others. The Café Crème is clearly the favorite of the intermission crowd, followed by the cappuccino, latte macchiato, and latte.

Coffeemachines at Starlight Express

Facts and figures

since 1988

Enthusiasm in Germany for more than 18 million guests


time for the entire coffee supply during the break


Coffee machines with milk refrigerator and cup warmer in the foyer in use


guests per event are served at two large counters


Coffee specialties are served in the M Cup series tableware

Coffeemachines at Starlight Express

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