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The origins of taste

From Tuscany: The art of coffee is very serious

The Art of Coffee Made in Tuscany

Caffè Corsini’s philosophy combines passion, quality, innovation, ethics and ongoing research. The coffee beans, originating from different parts of the world, are carefully selected by journeying to the countries of origin in search of the purest blends: from the highly prized Jamaica Blue Mountain to Hawaii, where we find the only coffee plantation situated at 1.500 m altitude, Cornwell Farm located in the center of the so-called Kona Coffee Belt. And more: Sumatra, Colombia, Brazil, India to the wild coffees from the Harenna forest in Ethiopia, a Slow Food presidium.

Our Expertise - what makes a good coffee a great coffee

Besides the careful selection of highest quality raw materials, we can also boast the best coffee roaster in Italy: Michele Anedotti, who transforms the beans into our unique quality.

Anedotti is a professional raised in Caffè Corsini, quality control expert for over 20 years: from checking the different roasting profiles to incoming raw materials. In 2019, he won the title of Best Italian Coffee Roaster in the Italian Coffee Roasting Championships, held in Rimini during Sigep, subsequently flying off to Taiwan.

And obviously, having the best raw materials and the best roaster, we couldn’t not have the best coffee taster as well.

Francesco Sanapo is one of the greatest Italian coffee connoisseurs and coffee lovers, as he likes to define himself. Three times Italian Baristas Champion, he places 6th out of 60 countries at the World Championships held in Australia, and wins the Tasters Cup in 2018. For Corsini, he tastes coffees every day to understand and recognise the different nuances in taste. An additional assurance for our clients, always and foremost our first concern.

Our Commitment: Let's not drink our Planet!


6 thousand sq.m.

area covered with photovoltaic panels

35 %

of the power needed for its processing activities is satisfied

100 %

recyclable is the compostable alternative of the innovative coffee capsules

Coffee is a fruit of the Earth, growing in locations we have a duty to protect. Caffè Corsini feels extremely involved in the fight against climate change and the waste of natural resources. Particularly focused on the safeguard of the producing territories, the protection of the environment and of the local people who process the coffee, its green philosophy promotes a solid commitment towards environmental sustainability and renewable energy.

For example, it was the first Italian plant to eliminate emissions of fine dust particles into the atmosphere, and to cover the 6 thousand sq. m. area with photovoltaic panels that satisfy 35% of the power needed for its processing activities.

More over sustainability at Melitta

Caffè Corsini favours non-intensive crop growing and farms that avoid the use of toxic substances or pesticides, promoting respect towards the natural plant cycles and, above all, those plantations that value its workers. To reduce the environmental impact of its products, great innovation has been put into the coffee capsules sector by proposing a compostable alternative, therefore 100% recyclable.

Lastly, all our main materials, i.e. paper, cardboard and plastics are always recycled.

The art of coffee - Made in Tuscany

The family business Caffè Corsini has its roots in Tuscany and has grown there.

Founded in Arezzo in 1950 by Corsino Corsini - as a small, innovative coffee factory: the green coffee warehouse on the upper floor, under there roasting and on the ground floor the sale of roasted, ground and packaged coffee on site - Caffè Corsini has developed into one of the leading coffee roasting companies in Italy, the largest in central Italy, under the management of Silvano Corsini (until 1999) and Patrick Hoffer.

For Caffè Corsini, "Made in Tuscany" is more than just a label. Behind it is the profile of a region characterised by fascinating cultural landscapes and urban centres, by appreciative tradition and constant innovation. Three generations of work, knowledge and passion of a family business. The focus is on tasting. Finding faults, balancing, roasting, grinding, always inspired by the aromatic flavour of coffee.

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