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Filter coffee machines

Filter coffee is what makes us passionate and is on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

See our comprehensive range of classic filter coffee machines and fully automatic filter coffee machines for volumes from 125 to 500 cups per hour.

Tradition rules!

Filter coffee: a success story with a future

In 1908, the way we enjoyed our coffee changed for ever: using a tin and a sheet of blotting paper, Melitta Bentz invented the first coffee filter, setting a path to international success. No wonder that we feel particularly close to our filter coffee machines – and continue to develop them. What’s on trend – Being happy and enjoying life!

Freshly prepared filter coffee has great potential. Calculate your requirements and avoid coffee being left to stand for a long time by having the right machine. Perhaps our fully automatic filter coffee machines might also be of interest? You’ll find them with our fully automatic coffee machines.