Freshly ground and freshly brewed

Filter coffee from whole beans / Depending on requirements: up to 500 cups per hour Serving freshly brewed coffee to go: something even allowed during the pandemic. Outdoor enjoyment is in, and coffee to go is more attractive than ever. Filter coffee is at its best when the quality is right. Melitta Professional now makes it possible to quickly brew coffee from freshly ground whole beans.

With its fully automatic filter coffeemaker Melitta®Cafina® CT8-F, Melitta Professional has set a new benchmark for the preparation of fresh filter coffee. Just like the two year older XT8-F, the CT8-F brews and portions up to 500 cups of fresh filter coffee per hour, depending on requirements. However, with two grinders and two bean containers, it goes two steps further when it comes to bean freshness and bean variety.

The Melitta®Cafina® CT8-F grinds whole beans fresh for each brewing process – each bean type with its own high-performance grinder, set to the desired grind. Brewing times and quantities can be defined in advance via the digital week scheduler, so that the CT8-F brews according to demand and avoids long periods of time in which the coffee is being kept warm. Flexibility is always maintained: if there is a surprise rush, the programmed target supply can be easily rescaled at any time via the touchscreen display.