The Melitta® brewing unit

Technology for the best aroma - long-term

The strong core of your coffee machine

For an exceptional coffee experience. Today and tomorrow.

A coffee bean harbours more than 800 aromas. The brewing unit is the key element in ensuring each and every one of these is released. That is why our developers are so passionate about it.  The result – the ultimate in precision, consistency and longevity – with optimum aroma extraction.

Top benefits for you

Made to last

High-quality components make Melitta® brewing units ultra-reliable, quality products.


Uniform, ultra-high quality and full aroma


Our brewing units can be individually adapted to any flavour profile


Maximum variability for quantities of coffee from 6 to 22 g

Over 800 aromas per bean:

find out here how the Melitta® brewing unit allows them to be fully released.

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