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The Melitta® Cafina® Viva portafilter espresso machine ensures consistently perfect extraction as well as premium quality and flexible coffee preparation thanks to the latest Aroma Perfect and MultiCoffeeSystem technology.

This is how to make espresso!

The pleasure of the finest coffee with the Cafina® Viva.

Where tradition meets the latest technology! Whether 1, 2 or 3 units: the Cafina® Viva does not compromise on perfection. Built from high-quality materials, it passed the toughest tests with flying colours to become a reliable success factor for your business.

The key benefits

Reasons you will love the Cafina® Viva:

Easy to use

Barista-quality espresso - the simple and straightforward way. No tamping necessary, the milk is automatically frothed and cleaning the milk nozzle and steam tap is simplicity itself.

Consistently high quality

Incorrect operation or dosing? No problem! Aroma Perfect cancels out variations in dosing and handling errors! And the froth always has the right consistency too, thanks to the temperature-controlled milk frothing system.

Taste at the highest level

A coffee bean harbours more than 800 aromas! SOFT PRE-INFUSION ensures gentle pre-soaking of the coffee. This means the aromatic substances can develop perfectly - and more flavour is released.

Cafina® Viva overview

Dimensions (W x D x H)
1 unit 430 mm x 510 mm x 510 mm
2 units 710 mm x 510 mm x 510 mm
3 units 940 mm x 510 mm x 510 mm


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