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Speed is of the essence, especially in the mornings. Which is why the Melitta® cup breakfast simply concentrates on the essentials: milk, cocoa or delicious filter coffee, aromatic and ready in seconds.

Everything to start the day well

Added pleasure

Filter coffee ready in seconds – thanks to automatic top-ups and the storage system that doesn't spoil the aroma and holds up to 3 litres. The cup-breakfast also prepares milk, cocoa and hot water for tea. Coffee can be dispensed into cups, mugs or pots.

The key benefits

Reasons you will love the cup-breakfast

Easy to use

Even in the self-service mode, you can't go wrong with a cup-breakfast: drinks are dispensed at the touch of a button thanks to pre-set quantities and ease of use.

Prepared for busy times

The Melitta® cup-breakfast is ready for lots of thirsty customers thanks to automatic top-ups and the storage system that doesn’t spoil the aroma and holds up to 3 litres.

More than coffee

Freshly filtered coffee, decaffeinated if required, hot milk, cocoa drinks or tea? Its versatility makes the cup-breakfast the product of choice.

Melitta® cup-breakfast overview


Hourly output/cups according to DIN 18873‑2*
Filter coffee 240
Café Crème / 2 Café Crème
Espresso / 2 Espressi
Cappuccino / 2 Cappuccini
Latte Macchiato / 2 Latte Macchiato
Cocoa drinks 80
Steam/hot water 60 l
Daily output*

* The hourly and daily outputs were calculated taking the equipment on the machines, the water connection, container size and quality settings into account and are provided as a guide.


Technical data

Connected loads 400V / 6,3 kW
Dimensions (W / D / H) 400 mm / 510 mm / 790 mm


Operating instructions




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