Milk systems

Powerful and innovative. For speciality beverages that make guests happy.

Barista-level foaming

Some of your guests’ favourite drinks are speciality coffees with milk foam. You can meet their every requirement with our milk system. Developed in-house, it offers a range of foams from Basic to Top. Make yourself stand out from your competition and win more business.

Top benefits for you


Thanks to technology, which we developed ourselves, you can expect fine, creamy milk foam.


Whether hot, cold, firm or pourable, we really have thought of everything.


Top quality – time after time, cup after cup, glass after glass

Basic milk system

Perfect milk, time after time. This milk system automatically doses cold milk for up to two types of milk.

  • easily calculated costs due to dosed output
  • hygienic cooled storage with automatic cleaning
  • options due to two types of milk or milk alternatives

Standard milk system

Just what you would expect: this milk system provides creamy milk foam time after time.

  • no steaming or spraying due to milk pump
  • pre-dosed hot or cold milk
  • easy to use: preset speciality beverages to suit every taste
  • options even at entry-level pricing

Professional milk system

Done like a pro: steamed milk foam for latte art by the experts.

  • fine, super-creamy, pourable milk foam
  • foamed milk using a steam wand
  • patented homogeniser: particularly creamy and stable foam even at higher temperatures
  • options for refinement and cocktails with cold milk foam

TopFoam Plus milk system

To perfection: velvety milk foam topping, super stable, creamy and spoonable - for minutes.

  • options for creamy, pourable latte art foam and velvety, stable foam topping
  • the Melitta Top Foam System offers up to 12 different sorts of milk and milk foam
  • measures and regulates the milk and foam properties and automatically provides cold or warm milk foam in three different
  • intense milk flavour: indirect heating without the addition of diluting steam
  • can be combined with other foam qualities for visually perfect results on every speciality coffee
  • increases turnover
  • the perfect solution for garnishing with sauces, for indulgent spooning, or if the drink has to stand briefly

Better than any barista!

Find out about the Melitta® Top-Foam technology and discover all the options our versatile milk system has to offer.

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