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Not only since the times of the Coronavirus is hygiene required in particular anywhere where foodstuffs are manufactured, processed and offered for sale or consumption. Good hygiene and manufacturing practice was described by the EU in 2016 in the guidelines for the PRP (“prerequisite programs”, basic hygiene measures) and HACCP (“Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points”, fundamentals for risk assessment and monitoring of critical control points).

Coffee preparation also places stringent requirements on hygiene safety, especially when milk is added as a foodstuff to coffee and water. Therefore for Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions it is a core task to make hygiene safety in the preparation of coffee as easy as possible for our customers and partners.


Safety first: Cleaning automatically safeguarded

Coffee beans contain ether oils - good for taste, but a challenge for hygiene. A fine film of grease is deposited in the pipes and continues to grow with every cup served. Every coffee prepared also leaves undesirable traces behind in the milk section of the fully-automatic system. Therefore the coffee system and the milk system must be cleaned daily according to the operating instructions when used. Cleaned systems which are not used for more than seven days should be cleaned again before operation. Please note the cleaning instructions in the operating instructions of your coffee machines.


Cleaning made easy: High-quality components

We have coined the phrase “Clean in Place” (CIP®) for the fully-automatic cleaning programme of our automatic coffee machines. The cleaning of the coffee and milk systems takes place within the closed system, no components need to be removed or dismantled. Simply place the cleaning agent in the cleaner compartment (coffee system), replace the milk container with the cleaning container (milk system) and start the cleaning programme. The automated coffee system now cleans itself automatically.


Cleaning made easy: High-quality components

You can see it at the first glance: We insist on high-quality materials for our coffee machines, as well as simple, no-frills, pure design - thereby creating the optimum conditions for hygiene safety. The enclosure of the Melitta® Cafina® XT Series consists of refined aluminium, the dispensing section in die-cast zinc. The touchscreen is located in the centre with a strong, 3 mm thick surface in ground glass without pores where residues could be trapped. Stainless Steel shines on the separate hot water outlet, on the steamlance and on the drip mesh. The bean container and instant container are manufactured in highly resistant polycarbonate. It is enough to simply wipe down the smooth surfaces with a damp cloth when cleaning. The bean container and instant container can be removed and washed in the dishwasher. In the inside of the coffee machines, high-quality components and materials such as the stainless steel brewing unit not only ensure precise and virtually wear-free processes, but also provide optimum conditions for safe hygienic cleaning within a closed system.


Cleaning certified safe: HACCP certification

Our partners can be demonstrably certain that our fully automatic coffee machines support their HACCP plan. The renowned sensory laboratory Prof Dr Ulrich Haevecker in Berlin has tested our fully automatic coffee machines in the Melitta® Cafina® XT and CT series for hygiene safety. The HACCP programme checks aspects that are directly related to the chemical, microbiological and physical hazards covered by HACCP: Material safety, cleanability of equipment and hygiene requirements. Our tested machines meet all requirements and are authorised to bear the HACCP mark.


Constant hot water and pre-rinsing are a double help

Good-tasting coffee and hygienically safe preparation go hand in hand. A constant high hot water temperature during the preparation ensures the desired temperature in the cup and also protects against the growth of germs in the pipes. High-performance boilers with very precise temperature control and good insulation maintain a constant temperature. Short insulated pipes, pre-rinsing of the pipe with hot water and coffee dispensing close to the brewing unit make sure that the coffee retains its temperature on the way to the cup.


Convenient and effective: Pre-dosed cleaning agent

Our coffee machine cleaners are specially developed for the fully-automatic Melitta® Cafina® machines and therefore ensure reliable, hygienically safe cleaning. All cleaning agents come in predefined portions (tablet or sachet form), to make sure that the correct dosing is always available. As a result the machine always gets:

  • The right cleaner (one cleaning agent for everything)
  • The right quantity (preset portions)
  • The right cleaning at the right time, since the system shows the required process on the display and therefore is cleaned optimally without residue build-up

One for all: Multi-Tabs

The Multi-Tabs are the right product for decalcifying or cleaning milk and brewing systems, thereby guaranteeing a long service life of the fully-automatic system. Phosphate-free and environmentally friendly. Both the milk system and the coffee system (and the instant system) can be cleaned with the Multi-Tab. This means only one cleaner is needed to clean all components of the automated system safely. For the milk system, once-weekly AMC (acid milk cleaning) is required, since milk contains calcium.

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Wide range of milk foams and hygiene options made easy

Our fully-automatic coffee machines are also first-class milk machines. Cold milk, hot milk, cold milk foam, hot milk foam, hot milk foam. Steam-foamed, liquid or creamy milk foam or the crowning glory of the firm Melitta® TopFoam: Our Standard, Professional and TopFoam milk systems produce a wide variety of milk foams and refined combinations of different milk and coffee preparations “by Touch”. Cappuccino, Cappuccino Italiano, Cappuccino TopFoam, Latte Macchiato, Latte Macchiato Top Foam, milky coffee, Flat White, Espresso Shot, Whitepresso and, and, and.  Really tasty, simple and safe preparation.

The safe and hygienic processing of fresh milk allow suitable milk coolers for cooling of pre-chilled milk, which are available as push-on modular units for one or two milk types, as an under-counter fridge or as a combination with a cup warmer. The automatic cleaning programme takes care of the daily cleaning of the milk system. The right milk cooler for every applic

The right milk cooler for every application

Our sustainability strategy consists of four central areas of activity: Responsibility for product and supply chains, ecological responsibility, commercial responsibility, and responsibility for our employees.


Practical assistant on top

The holding trays of our fully-automated coffee machines consist of high-quality plastic with a smooth surface and can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth or in the dishwasher (see operating manual).

If it is possible to place waste containers under the machine, and to fit the optional container ejector, then the intermediate storage drawer and the associated cleaning can be dispensed with.

An additional example of optional equipment which may help to increase hygiene safety, depending on the specific positioning, is the 4-inch base feet.

And: An optional transparent touch protector below the dispensing section. This can only be opened once the preparation of the desired drink is fully completed, thereby preventing premature access to the cup and protecting against spillages or liquid splashes around the coffee dispensing point.


Self-service via smartphone: Melitta® Remote Coffee

Anyone who would like to use the automated coffee machine without touching it can use their smartphone or tablet to do so. Once equipped, the display of the coffee machine shows a custom QR code for non-contact drinks dispensing. The user scanning the QR code can then select their drink on their smartphone or tablet from the currently available selection and start the preparation - without downloading or installing an app. This means it is no longer necessary to touch the screen of the coffee machine. Prerequisite for this: Your fully-automated coffee machine is equipped with a telemetry module and the Melitta® Remote Coffee software update. Why not speak to us?


We are here for you!

We are here for you with the Melitta-Professional-Team, whenever you have questions or requirements regarding the topic of hygiene in coffee preparation. We can provide everything you need for your successful coffee business from a single source. With the passion from our tradition spanning more than 111 years, we see it as our job to make coffee a pleasure. Your personal contact partner and our customer service technicians will be pleased to provide local support, our back-office team is available for you by telephone or online. Please contact us, we are experts for coffee specialities, professional coffee machines and technical service, from one-off individual solutions through to a custom-designed overall concept with financing options and the latest advanced digital services. Let’s make coffee a pleasure together - we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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