Recommended Guideline for a Shut Down

Due to the current Covid-19 spread, cafes, bars, hotels and shops are currently being closed in many countries. This means that the coffee machines are also not needed and are temporarily put out of operation.

In order to shut down the coffee machines for a longer period of time we advise as follows:

  1. Run a complete cleaning program including milk and instant.
  2. After the cleaning remove all ingredients like beans, instant and milk from the machine (usage vacuum cleaner)
  3. Switch off the machine with main switch.
  4. Switch off the refrigerator with the main switch, leave the door open after cleaning the inside.
  5. Close the water supply to the machine, put a marker on the machine regarding the water supply is closed.
  6. Do not disconnect the machine from the power supply.
  7. Clean the machine outside and its surroundings.

If local conditions permit, we recommend that you clean the coffee machine regularly when it is not used for a longer period of time. This will facilitate the subsequent start-up process. If this is not possible, please skip this point. 

  1. Switch on every machine once in two days.
  2. Run a complete cleaning cycle with machine shut off program.
  3. The day when the machine should be in working order again, please follow up on above mentioned procedure.

Hopefully the period is only short and you will soon be able to start up your machine again and supply your customers with fresh coffee.

In order to restart the coffee machines after a longer period of time we advise as follows:

  1. Switch on the machine and run a complete cleaning cycle at least two times to make sure the system is filled again with fresh water.
  2. Fill the machine with ingredients like coffee beans, milk and if required with instant powder.
  3. Try most products with your staff and be happy to serve your customers again.


For further details on cleaning and an illustrated cleaning procedure, we recommend that you refer to the relevant coffee machine operating instructions. The start-up process is also described in this document.

If you have further questions, please don´t hesitate to contact your local Melitta Professional Service Team or your sales contact / distributor.

We are still 100% available for you!

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