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Optimise your sales – with Melitta® INSIGHTS

Whether you are in the restaurant or hotel trade or mass catering: your coffee machines have to be used at optimum capacity to generate the best possible turnover. With Melitta® INSIGHTS you can keep an eye on your coffee machines all the time. Thanks to smart networking, you can call up lots of data from your machines near real time and gain valuable insights into daily usage. For example, Melitta INSIGHTS offers you the chance to adapt your coffee business even better to the needs of your guests – and increase your turnover.

Keep an eye on valuable data the easy way

Melitta® INSIGHTS is the web-based online portal for the perfect organisation of your coffee business. You can use it to check the functionality of your machines, monitor operating times, analyse usage, compile comprehensive reports, call up statistics and lots more. You can easily run it via the browser on your computer or mobile devices. Instantly comprehensible with intuitive operation. It doesn’t get easier than that.

What Melitta® INSIGHTS has to offer

All the benefits quickly explained


Make the administration of your machine fleet easy for yourself. Keep an eye on branches, machines, users and beverages – and benefit from key additional information.


Make sure your machines are ready for use. Check their functionality, call up current status messages and always stay informed of whether and how your machines are running.


Analyse your customers’ consumer behaviour and optimise your range. The clear presentation of sales figures from entire product groups right down to individual beverages gives you transparency.


Keep staff and customers up to date with new ideas – or draw attention to your products with targeted advertising. By uploading customised screensavers, the displays on your machines become a striking medium of communication.


How to profit from Melitta® INSIGHTS

Keep up to date

Melitta® INSIGHTS gives you online access to valuable information, data and statistics about your coffee business whenever you want them. You can see which machines are working efficiently and where there is a need to improve.

Avoid periods of inactivity

You can see straight away which machines are currently working, where beans, milk or instant products need refilling, where the grounds container is full or cleaning needs to be started. This means you can focus your actions and give your staff the best support.

Inspire your guests

Based on the data you can call up, you can determine your customers’ preferences, find the busy or quiet sales times, calculate the potential for certain beverage specialities and tailor your range precisely to what your guests want.

Increase your sales

Turn any machine display into a medium of communication with Melitta® INSIGHTS. With customised screensavers you can display information about your daily specials for example, or advertise snacks that go perfectly with your coffee specialities, start regional coffee promotions and lots more.

Manage campaigns:

You decide which campaigns to run on your machine displays and when. Select individual machines, branches or the entire fleet and independently activate or deactivate the screensavers you want to suit requirements.

Carlo the baker shows you how

Optimise your sales the easy way – with Melitta® INSIGHTS

Carlo runs a successful chain of bakeries in Germany. Melitta® INSIGHTS helps him to make business in his bakery cafés even more lucrative and successful. See for yourself how easy it is …

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Discover the user-friendly Melitta® INSIGHTS online portal

Everyday life is already complicated enough. Which is why we have designed our Melitta® INSIGHTS online portal to be extra user-friendly. Thanks to the clear structure and intuitive user elements, all of the functions can be used immediately. So you can profit from its numerous benefits in your day-to-day business right from the start.


Central access to the world of Melitta® INSIGHTS - All important information at a glance

  • Clear display of location and fleet data
  • All output quantities at a glance
  • Direct information on machine status
  • Know which campaign is currently running


Full transparency of users, branches, machines, beverages and beverage groups – for optimum administration of branches and machine fleets.

  • Simple administration of users and accounts
  • Clear management of every machine
  • Quick set up, modification and management of branch entries
  • Information about opening times

Status reports

Precise information about each individual machine - to avoid downtime, understand the

  • Locational information for every machine using Google Maps technology
  • Clear presentation of status information for each individual machine
  • Up-to-date information about usage, refilling, cleaning, errors and lots more
  • Quick capture and categorisation of all data - including the issue of alert messages

Sales data

Clear presentation of beverage sales for full transparency of your coffee business - for quick provision of information relevant to decisions

  • Provision of statistics regarding beverage sales
  • Full transparency regarding times and quantities of beverages dispensed
  • Presentation from a single beverage to the production of an entire machine fleet
  • Extensive options to customise the presentation


Customised compilation of analyses and reports - for one-off or regular information as well as long-term planning

  • Comprehensive reports on all locations, machines and beverages dispensed
  • Simple preparation of ad hoc reports and regular analyses
  • Data export function in CSV format for advanced processing
  • Option to directly issue all reports in PDF format
  • Always up to date thanks to daily reports directly by email
Download sample report (PDF)


With your own screensavers, every machine display becomes a perfect medium of communication - to reach customers directly at the right time

  • Produce, edit and activate your own creative screensavers
  • Full control - from individual machines to the entire fleet
  • Timed campaigns for optimum POS presence
  • See at a glance which screensaver is currently running

Provide relevant information to your staff

Melitta® INSIGHTS gives you the chance to supply your staff with exactly the right information that they really need on a daily basis. The relevant data is filtered according to an employee’s department, role or location and made available automatically on the online portal. Here are a few examples:


Find the right solution for your business

Whether you are a small bakery or an international hotel chain: every business has its own unique challenges. Which is why you can choose from various Melitta® INSIGHTS service packages: from the entry-level Standard package to the customised Top package for large chains. The online portal functions vary depending on the package.


Use all the key features for monitoring functions, analysis, reporting and administration and get online access to valuable information, data and statistics about your coffee business - ideal for entry level users.

  • Avoid periods of inactivity: always know which machines are currently running, which ones need refilling or where grounds containers need emptying
  • Check on hygiene: discover which machines need cleaning
  • Optimise your range: identify your guests’ preferences and work out the best sales periods
  • Increase sales: determine sales potentials and plan sales promotions


Use all of the functions in the Standard package and profit additionally from key extra functions for management and reporting - ideal for ambitious professionals.

  • Target your advertising: use machine displays to show customised screensavers and current advertising banners, install and manage suitable images online
  • Carry out campaigns: install screensavers with informative or advertising banners onto the machines from a central location - to promote daily specials, for example
  • Compile customised reports: have special reports compiled automatically when you need them and make them available to download or send by email

Melitta® INSIGHTS customised and flexible to use

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