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Life/Life High Cup

These two portafilter espresso machines boast impressive new Aroma Perfect and MultiCoffeeSystem technology with consistently perfect extraction quality - for tall or small cups, depending on the version.

No compromise on quality

Our performance promise

The Cafina® Life or Cafina® Life High Cup offer you the latest technology for the best possible turnover. Get yourself an essential ally for your business with these portafilter machines! So you can concentrate on your core business: the preparation of good coffee.

The key benefits

Reasons you will love the Cafina® Life/Life High Cup:

Easy to use

Barista-quality espresso - simple and consistent. No tamping necessary, the milk is automatically frothed and cleaning the milk nozzle and steam tap is simplicity itself.

Best quality in the cup

You can consistently offer your guests the best quality thanks to brewing temperatures that can be set individually and automatic temperature control. In addition, SOFT PRE-INFUSION allows the full aroma to develop.

Everything in sight

Things can often get hectic in the coffee business. But you can stay calm with the Melitta® Cafina® Life. The digital display helps you to monitor the dispensing time easily. 

Spoil your guests - simply at the touch of a button.

Enjoying perfect coffee and milk foam was never so easy. Offer your guests barista-quality beverage specialities with less manual effort.

Cafina® Life und Life High Cup overview

Dimensions (W x D x H)

Cafina® Life

Cafina® Life High Cup

1 unit 430 mm x 510 mm x 510 mm -
2 units 710 mm x 510 mm x 510 mm 770 mm x 530 mm x 600 mm
3 units 930 mm x 510 mm x 510 mm 990 mm x 530 mm x 600 mm


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