Melitta® bar-cube

The perfect spot for your coffee and cocoa.



Melitta® bar-cube - Display

Graphic display

The large graphic display shows over 30 possible settings that can be selected via five operating levels. The display with its convenient menu function allows all parameters to be set easily and also keeps the user informed about all important and relevant statuses or operating stages of the machine.

Metal brew unit and precision grinder

Metal brew unit and precision grinder

The metal brew unit with its horizontally arranged metal pistons enables maintenance-free operation for approx. 30,000 coffee products a year.

The precision grinder ensures even, fine grinding. In combination with the pre-infusion of the ground coffee and the micro-fine sieve, the most aromatic first class espressos and coffee specialities can be produced, such as cappuccino or latte macchiato. This is achieved by the optimised grinding process for an especially fi ne and therefore rich aromatic ground coffee and the ideally suited micro-fine sieve.

Two removable bean containers

Two removable bean containers

Two removable bean containers enable a second type of coffee to be used; the second insertion chute can be used to prepare decaffeinated coffee. The quick machine therefore manages up to 150 cups of espresso per hour; and easy operation also means speed is guaranteed.

Melitta® bar-cube - Milchaufschäumer

The automatic milk frother

The automatic milk frother guarantees a thick, fine and creamy milk froth in seconds of a quality that can only be achieved with fresh milk.

Melitta® bar-cube - Illumination concept

Illumination concept

The standard, individually confi gurable light strip can be perfectly adapted to any environment. For the perfect spot for your coffee and chocolate.

Melitta® bar-cube - Cocoa-/Instantmodule

Cocoa- / Instant module

The cocoa- / instant module offers you the option of dispensing the most varied of
cocoa specialities and coffee & cocoa creations directly at the central outlet.
Each variety of drink – however individual – can of course be saved and selected as a product button.

Melitta® bar-cube


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